How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Chromebook (Solved 2022)

Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Chromebook by following few steps mentioned below. Chromebooks are great devices for kids especially when they are in school and Chromebooks are ideal for kids as they are lightweight, fast, easy to carry, have long-lasting battery timing, and have a lot of exciting features. 

Now, if you are new to using Laptops and Chromebooks, you might be unaware of connecting Bluetooth devices to your Chromebook. If you are the one who got himself caught in such a miserable situation which it turns out to be not, you are at the right place.

In today’s article, I’m going to show you how you can Connect any Bluetooth device to your Chromebook. Well, that’s it, let’s get straight to the guide.

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Chromebook

There is no rocket science in connecting Bluetooth Headphones to your Chromebook and it’s an easy-to-follow task consisting of a few steps only. Here’s how you can do it.

Step 1: Turn on the Bluetooth of your Device

The first step is to turn on the Bluetooth of the respective device you are going to connect, if you want to connect some kind of headsets as you power them on, they are by default in the Pairing Mode.

Step 2: Go to the Quick Settings Panel

At the bottom right of the screen, you’ll see the Quick Settings Panel, head over to it and tap it once. Step 2 is done.

Step 3: Select Bluetooth

Now, as a menu has been opened in front of you, just tap on Bluetooth and a menu will appear where you can see a list of Bluetooth devices available at the moment.

Step 4: Select your Bluetooth Device

Now, you’ll be able to see your Bluetooth device in the list of devices. If not, either your Bluetooth device is powered off, or it’s not in the pairing mode.

Step 5: Select Pair

It will ask you to pair your device, now you have to select a pair and your device will be paired with your Chromebook in a while.

How to Get your Device into Pairing Mode

Whether you’re using Headphones or Earbuds the default mechanism of getting into Pairing mode is simple. You open the lid of your Earbuds cover and they’ll be in pairing mode you press the power button of your headphones for 5 seconds and they go straight into pairing mode.

Device Already Paired with Another Device

If you have paired your device with your mobile phones or some other laptops before and they are powered on along with Bluetooth is on, as you turn on your Earbuds or Wireless Headphones they will be paired with them instantly.

If that’s your case, then you need to press the Power Button for 7 seconds until you hear a sound Pairing then you can repeat the steps mentioned above to connect your Bluetooth device to your Chromebook.

Another solution is to turn Bluetooth Off the devices which are already paired with your Bluetooth device, as you turn your devices off, you’ll hear a sound  Pairing and now you can pair your Chromebook with your Headphones, Earbuds, or any other Bluetooth device.  


When you are a beginner in any field you should always read a guide online or watch a video regarding it so you’ll learn things quickly. Laptops and computers are becoming part of daily life and if you are new to them, you’ll always find yourself confused about how to accomplish a particular task. 

Even experts sometimes find themselves confused when they are not getting the job done and ask experts’ advice on the issues.

We’ve written this article to help you in case you are caught in such a situation. Follow the steps above and you are good to go.

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