Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Roku TV (Solved 2022)

There can be many reasons why you wanted to connect Bluetooth Headphones with your Roku TV. There are multiple ways by which you can connect Bluetooth Headphones to Roku TV.

I’m going to walk you through 2 Methods. By following them you can have the job done. Let’s dive in.

How to Connect Bluetooth Headphones to Roku Using the App

This is the best and yet the simplest method out there that lets you connect your Bluetooth Headsets with Roku TV.

You can Download the Roku App from the Play Store and the Apple App Store.

After you have installed the Roku App, now you are good to go. Follow this Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Open the Roku App
  • Pair your Bluetooth Headphones with your Mobile Phone
  • In the Bottom Corner, You’ll See Devices
  • Tap on Devices, Now Select Remote
  • Tap on the Headphones Icon, Done

Now, you’ll see the Headphones icon on your LED TV and you’ll be listening to all the audio through your Bluetooth Headsets.

Video Tutorial

Here you can watch a video that explains what we have just talked. If you are confortable watching a video you can watch this. This YouTube video, explains all.

How to Connect Headphones to A Roku TV Using the Roku Remote

Now, there is a Built-in 3.5mm Jack on the left side of the Roku TV Remote, Majority of headphones including Sony, Mpow, Skullcandy Crusher and others have a built-in audio jack. You can use the Aux Cable to connect both the Remote and your Headphones with Each Other.

That’s another simplest way to connect your Headphones with your Roku TV. It’s way easy, all you need to do is to connect both devices with an Aux Cable. If you don’t have Aux, the first method will be very helpful for you.


There can be a number of reasons why one wants to use Bluetooth Headphones, Speakers or Earbuds with Roku TV. In this guide, I’ve shared 2 simplest methods that will get the job done without any technical knowledge.

The first method revolves around connecting your Bluetooth device with Roku TV via the Roku app that is available for Android as well as for iOS devices. Just connect your Bluetooth device to mobile and follow the steps shared in method 2.

The second method revolves around the Roku TV remote, it has a built-in input Audio Jack of 3.5mm. You will find the same audio input 3.5mm jack on your headphones and speakers whether they are bluetooth. Use an Aux cable to connect both with each other.

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