How to Connect Skullcandy Crusher Headphones to Xbox 360

In this guide, I’m going to show you how you can connect Skullcandy Crusher Headphones to Xbox 360 to get a pleasant gaming experience.

It’s not rocket science to connect your Skullcandy headphones to Xbox, instead it’s a pretty straightforward task to connect them with each other.

Follow the exact step-by-step guide to get the job done.

How to Connect Skullcandy Crusher Headphones to Xbox 360

There is a 3.5mm cable that comes with Skullcandy Crusher headphones. Now connect the cable with your XBox and with the Skullcandy audio port, that’s it. You can now listen to the audio.

Step 1: Connect the cable to your Headset

When you buy Skullcandy Crusher Headphones, there is a 3.5MM cable that comes with it. To connect your Skullcandy headphones to your Xbox, the first step is to connect the cable with your headphones.

Step 2: Connect Cable with your Xbox

Now, the second step is to connect that cable with your Xbox 360. The cable jack is the same for both sites. Simply connect the first side to your headset and the other to your Xbox 360.

Step 3: Your Headphones are Connected

Now, your headphones are connected to your Xbox 360 and you can adjust the audio from your TV remote or by using the buttons on your Skullcandy headphones. Both options are fine. It depends upon you what method you prefer for each of them.

How to Fix Skullcandy Pairing Issue

Your Skullcandy headphones are not connecting because they are already paired and connected with some other device. To clear the Pairing history of your Skullcandy headsets, Hold + and – button for 7 seconds and the pairing history will be cleared.

Now, you can pair any new device you want and it’ll work fine. When you are not able to pair new devices with your headsets, this is because it’s already connected with some other devices which won’t let it be paired with any other device.

Paired But No Sound

This is a kind of miserable situation that happens when you buy earbuds, connect them to your MacOS or Debian based Linux distributions. They have pretty fast operating software. Now what happens is that, as you power on your headset, your laptop will detect it and connect with it in just a few seconds.

Now, if your laptop is locked, the Bluetooth device will be connected and as you unlock the device and try to play some music, you won’t hear anything.


This is because the OS you are using has such a secure audio transfer protocol that isn’t allowing your bluetooth device to establish a connection and transfer the audio. If you are facing such a situation, connect the device again from your laptop and it’ll work.


Does Skullcandy work with Xbox 360?

Yes it does work seamlessly with Xbox 360 and there’s nothing to worry about.

Can I connect my Bluetooth headphones to Xbox 360

Yes, you can easily connect your bluetooth headphones to Xbox 360 and it’s not considered a big deal though.

Is Skullcandy Headphones made for Gaming?

You got it absolutely right. This is a Billion dollar industry and a lot of brands focus on gaming primarily and dominate a huge market cap.

Is Skullcandy the Best Brand for Gaming Headphone

They are actually worth their price, but they are not the best. They have made their name for the best budget headphones but we can’t say they are the best. Sony, Beats, Bose and JBL have much better products.


Most people including myself don’t like to use some Woofer or Speakers when gaming in our homes. It’s just unpleasant to people around us and we find it better to use Headsets while gaming. Skullcandy crusher is a good headphone and most people find it difficult to pair Skullcandy Crusher headphones to xbox 360 so this guide is for you if you are facing this issue.

If you’re facing any other issue, feel free to comment under this post and we’ll be glad to help you.

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