Connect Two Bluetooth Speakers to iPhone

I’m a Tech Nerd and some people think I’m a hacker as I’ve customised my Linux Environments and always made programs like Jarvis AI Assistant. Many friends asked me about how to connect two bluetooth speakers to one iPhone.

I like to sync complete home. All the speakers are connected to the main pc and to make it more fun, I’ve a camera at my door. Whenever someone appears at the camera, my AI bot speaks the name of that person who is standing in front of my door.

Now, this guide is all about connecting two headphones or speakers with each other. Now, you might be more creative than I and developing something creative so make sure to leave a comment.

How to Connect Two Bluetooth Speakers to one iPhone

As the technology has advanced so much, it’s easy to connect multiple headphones to your phone. There are multiple apps like AmpMe by which you can connect multiple devices at once. 

For android users, Samsung Dual Audio is a good solution. Bose Connect and HomePod Stereo Pair are also great alternatives to these apps.

Using Share Audio Function

iPhones have a built-in feature that allows you to connect multiple speakers to sync with each other. The best part is, it didn’t require any third-party software to run. 

Here, we are assuming you have connected your Airpods to your iPhone. Now you also want to connect your other Airpods to your iPhone. The headsets can vary but this guide is for connecting two Apple headsets with each other.

Follow, this step-by-step guide to configure Share Audio feature in your iPhone:

  • Connect the Headphones with your iPhone
  • Bring the Airpods closer to your iPhone
  • Audio Sharing option will appear, follow the instructions
  • Select “Airplay”, from Control Centre
  • Select your Airpods from Settings, Click Audio Sharing

So these steps are for connecting two Apple devices with each other. In case you don’t want to pursue this method, we are sharing some other methods below as well, that will help you to connect two headsets or bluetooth speakers with each other.

Video Tutorial

Follow the steps, that are explained in the video to Connect Multiple speakers with your iPhone.

Ways to Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers at Once

Here are some third party softwares that will help for making a connection between multiple speakers or headsets.


AmpMe is a very simple app that lets you make a music hub, so anyone with an invite link or code can connect and you have your whole home synced. To use it follow the followings steps:

  • Download and Open the App and Tap on + Button
  • Select the medium through which the music is played
  • Click and Invite Option and connect multiple devices

Done, you have successfully connected both devices with each other and the audio protocol will be started immediately after this.

Samsung Dual Audio

Samsung Dual Audio

Now, this option is for Android users, this is a pretty awesome built-in feature from Samsung, it lets you connect dual headsets through the Bluetooth of your Samsung’s device. To set it up, follow these steps:

  • Connect Both Devices with Bluetooth
  • Go to Bluetooth Settings, Click Advanced
  • Turn On the Dual Audio Option
  • Done

Done, now you have synced the both devices and the music will be transmitted to both devices. 

Now this is an incredibly great feature. Most people including me prefer wired headsets and for that we can’t use the above methods.

The simplest and yet the most effective way to connect two wired headsets or speakers with each other is to use a wired cable that lets you connect two speakers with one port of a 3.5mm socket. You can try this USB C Audio Splitter and it can do the job for you.

Can you connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers to an iPhone

Yes, with the advancement of science it has become possible a long time ago. There are multiple ways to connect this, multiple third party apps are available. We’ve tried and connected our Sony Headphones and Skullcandy Crusher with iPhone using AmpMe and it works fine.

If you want to do it for a short period of time, you can use third party softwares but if you are someone who needs it on a daily basis it won’t be a pleasant experience to go through the steps everyday, and that is why  we recommend you to get a splitter as we have recommended in the third way.


Depending upon your usage and need, you can select any of the ways mentioned above to get the job done. If you need this frequently we recommend you to go to USB C Splitter by which you can connect your Headset and Speaker. 

Majority of headphones support Aux Cable so that’ll be a good option to use the third method of connecting your dual Speakers or Headsets by using it.

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