How To Charge Bose Headphones

If you’re having trouble charging your Bose Headphones or looking for some alternative ways to charge Bose Headphones here we have jotted down 3 Methods that might help if you are looking for what we are about to represent you. 

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How to Charge Bose Headphones

Typically, you can charge your Bose Headphones by using a USB port on your Laptop or Desktop computer, you can use a Car Adapter Charger and then you can charge your headphones by using the USB port, and the last option you have is to use some kind of Power Bank or the default charger that comes with the box.

1. Laptop USB Port

If you forget your charger somewhere and want to charge your Bose Headphones, you can charge them by a USB Cable, you can find it near you almost everywhere. If you are at a Cafe or Coffee shop you can lend the charger for a minute and this will do the job.

2. Through Vehicle

You can use a Car Charger, it’ll cost you less than $10 and it will do the job for you. The Charger consists of single or dual Usb ports, you can plug your headphones with the cable and a 10 minute charge will give you 2 hours Playback time.

3. Random Power Adaptor

You’ll find Power Adapter and the cable almost everywhere. You’ll also find the charging cable and use that to charge your Headphones.


Bose Headphones have a really good battery life. These headphones will give a 20-35 Hours Playback time which is more than enough. In case you’re travelling and forget your charger somewhere above are some ways you can try to charge your Bose Headphones.

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