How To Connect JBL Headphones

If you have just bought JBL Headphones and are wondering about the ways and possibilities to connect JBL Headphones with various devices whether it’s an Android Device, iOS Device, Windows or Macbook or any LED TV.

We have written this guide for all newbies who are just getting started or facing pairing issues and other.

How to Connect JBL Headphones to Android Phone

First of all, we will talk about the steps and methods to connect an Android device as Android captures over 70% of the OS market for Smartphones. 

The steps I’m going to share with you are really simple to follow. Let’s dive in:

  • Turn On your JBL Headphones
  • Now go to Bluetooth Settings of your Phone
  • There you can see your Headphones
  • Click on it and follow the Instructions to connect.

See how easy it is to pair your Headsets with your Android Device.

How to Connect JBL Headphones to iPhone

As we have talked before about connecting JBL Headphones to Android Devices, now we’ll be talking about iOS Devices and iPhone.

The steps are the same as we’ve followed for pairing our Headphones to an Android Device:

  • Turn On your Headphones
  • Turn On Bluetooth and Go to Bluetooth Settings
  • Select your Headset and follow the Instructions
  • Done

There is no rocket science in all of this, this is a pretty straight-forward task.

How to Connect JBL Headphones to Windows Laptop

If you are on a Windows Laptop, all you need to do is to go to Bluetooth Settings and after that you need to select your Bluetooth Headset. In our case we’ll be connecting our JBL Headphones, we will be seeing our device in the list.

We’ll select our device and after following the instructions we can pair our device with our Windows Laptop. You can also use an Aux Cable to get the job done. It’s really simple. Majority of headphones have a 3.5mm jack and the same goes for Windows laptops.

How to Connect JBL Headphones to Macbook

So as of now, we’ve connected our JBL Headphones to an Android Phone, an iOS device, a Windows machine and now it’s time for a Macbook. 

To connect JBL headsets to a Macbook is really simple. Follow these steps:

  • Click on Apple Icon and Go to System Preferences
  • Now, Select Bluetooth Headphones
  • There, You can see List of Devices
  • Select, your Device and Follow the Instructions
  • Done

Too Many Devices Paired

When you have too many devices paired with your Headphones, it becomes difficult for you to connect the actual device you wanted to connect. 

When you turn your headphones power-on, they connect with some device immediately but that device is not the one you wanted your headphones to be connected to.

To fix this you need to reset the pairing history of your JBL Headphones, press the power button for 7 seconds and the pairing history will be cleared. 


We have covered various topics in this article. We have talked about Pairing JBL Headphones with your Android Device, iOS Device, Windows and Macbooks. We also just published our best headphones under 500 list.

At last we have also talked about the bug where you can’t pair your headphones with your desired device because there are too many devices that are paired to your headset. That issue can be fixed easily by resetting the pairing history of your JBL Headphones.

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