How to Connect Soundcore Earbuds to Android (Solved 2022)

The pairing process for Soundcore Earbuds is similar to all other earbuds and Bluetooth Speakers. However, the problem arises when you have too many devices paired to your earbuds and it’s not connecting to the respective device you wish to connect.

If that’s the problem you are facing, we’ll share the solution along with the problem explanational. Along with it we also share the pairing process of Soundcore Earbuds to Android, iPhone, Windows and Macs.

How to Put Soundcore Earbuds in Pairing Mode

The first thing I want to explain is the Pairing Mode. You have to be in the pairing mode if you wish to pair your devices with your soundcore earbuds. 

The thing is that, if you have paired one device, when you turn on your earbuds they will immediately get connected with the closed paired device to the earbuds.

Now if you wish to connect some other device, you have to put your earbuds back in pairing mode. The way to do that is “Press Power Button for 10 seconds, and you’ll see the led light begin to flash.”

When you see some led light flashing it means you are in pairing mode and now you can pair any new device you want.

How to Connect Soundcore Earbuds to Android

After you have your earbuds in pairing mode you can now connect them to your android device. The steps to pair your earbuds to an android phone are really simple. Follow these steps to connect soundcore earbuds to android:

  • Turn your Soundcore Earbuds Powered On
  • Go to Settings of your Phone
  • Turn On Bluetooth
  • Select Soundcore Earbuds from the List
  • Done, both devices are connected

These 5 steps lead to the successful pairing of both devices. It’s a really straightforward task to connect both devices via Bluetooth.

How to Clear Pairing History of Soundcore Earbuds

Let’s talk about cleaning the pairing history of soundcore earbuds. When you have too many devices connected to your earbuds you’ll face many bugs and many times. To prevent yourself from those issues you need to clear the pairing history.

To clear the Pairing History, you need to press and hold the power button for 10 seconds straight until you see the led flashing. When you see it, it means you have cleared the pairing history and now you can connect any device of your choice.

How to Connect Soundcore Earbuds to Windows and MacOS

Majority of people use Windows as their primary OS on a daily basis. They use Soundcore Earbuds to attend meetings and watch lectures and a few other things. To connect soundcore earbuds to your windows machine you need to go to Bluetooth settings and there you will see a list of available Bluetooth devices.

Just select the devices from the list and it will ask you for some confirmation, agree to them and follow the instructions and your earbuds will be connected to your Windows machine.

If you’re on a MacOS machine, the steps are similar to all windows machines, the first step is to go to bluetooth settings and from there you can connect your Soundcore Earbuds.


In this article, I’ve talked about Soundcore Earbuds, the process of putting them in pairing mode so that other devices can be connected with it, cleaning the pairing history and how to connect soundcore earbuds to android phones.

I hope this has answered your concern and given you the best solution you were looking for, if in case you are experiencing some other issues you can comment on this post and we will make sure you get the best solution regarding it.

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