How to Pair Bose Headphones to iPhone? (Solved 2022)

Bose makes the #1 Headphones in the world. The sound quality plus the feel is way more premium than any premium brand. If you have just bought Bose Headphones and are having trouble connecting your Bose Headphones with iPhone or any other iOS device. This guide is for you.

At the end, I’ll talk about Resetting Pairing History of Your Headsets and a little about a bug where you will see that your device is connected but when you try to play audio you don’t hear anything.

How To Pair Bose Headphones To iPhone

First of all, I’m going to clear one thing which is there is no rocket science in connecting Bose Headphones. Now, I’m going to share a step-by-step process which leads to successful pairing of the headset.

  • Turn On Bluetooth on your iPhone
  • Power On your Headphones
  • Go to Bluetooth Settings of your iPhone
  • Select your device from the List of Devices
  • Follow the Instructions, Done

See How easy it is to Pair your Bose Headphones to your iPhone.

Too Many Devices Paired [Solved]

When you have many devices paired to your headphones, you’ll face an issue which is like when you turn your headphones on, they immediately connect to the nearest paired device.

To resolve this issue, you must clear the pairing history of your Bose Headphones which is really easy to do. Hold the power button for seven seconds straight. The history will be cleared, and you will no longer have any paired devices.

Connected but No Sound

If you are running MacOS or any Linux distro, you may encounter this issue which is “In some cases, when you have your two laptops paired with the same headphones, your headphone got connected to another laptop which you won’t want to use this time.

This is a Security Protocol issue and can be resolved by cleaning the pairing history, in other words resetting the headphones.

Pair Bose Headphones to iPhone (Video Tutorial)

In case you are willing to watch a video tuorial for pairing bose headphones, here it is.

How to Pair Bose Headphones to iPhone (Youtube Video)


Bose Headphones are really great and we always have them on our #1 recommendation list. You can see the list of best headphones 2022 here.

As we are recommending these headphones we’re also discussing all possible aspects of the headphones so in case you need any help you can read our guide and have your problem solved. 

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