How To Pair Doss Soundbox: Detailed Guide 2022

DOSS Soundbox are great portable Bluetooth speakers and I’ve been using them for more than 3 months now, some people find it difficult to pair doss soundbox to their smartphones or windows laptop.

The thing that has happened with me is when I’ve too many devices paired to my Bluetooth speaker, I face pairing issues and it immediately got connected to some other paired devices in my house, so I’ve planned to write this article on my blog to help you if you are facing pairing issues with doss soundbox.

How To Put DOSS Soundbox in Pairing Mode

Let’s talk about the most important thing which is to put the DOSS soundbox in pairing mode. Now you might be wondering why this is so important to learn and talk about putting our bluetooth speakers into pairing mode.

The thing is that, when you have many devices paired with your bluetooth speaker, it might be connected to the closest or recent device connected. Last time, when I turned on my Bluetooth speaker, it got connected to my laptop while I was trying to connect it with my Smart Led. It happens a lot of times.

To fix it, you need to press and hold the power button located on the back side of the speaker for 7 seconds, you’ll hear a tone “Pairing” and the blue light starts flashing and it will be straight in pairing mode. 

How to Pair DOSS Soundbox with iPhone and Android Devices

Once you have followed the steps above, you will be in pairing mode. Now the steps are really simple and straightforward. Follow these steps to pair your doss soundbox with any android device:

  • Go to Settings of your Android Phone
  • Go to Bluetooth and Turn it On.
  • Select DOSS Soundbox from the List
  • Accept the Confirmation, Done.

See how easy it is. Steps are same if you want to pair Doss Soundbox to your iPhone. You’ll open settings, find Bluetooth Settings and from there you’ll go and select your Bluetooth Device and it’ll ask for some conformation and the device will be paired.

How to Pair DOSS Soundbox with Window and MacOS

To pair DOSS Soundbox with your Windows machine, the steps are just we have followed above and they remain for all the operating systems available. You have to find Bluetooth Settings and then you’ll select the device from the list that leads to successful pairing of both devices. Follow these steps to connect both devices.

  • Go to Settings of your MacOS and Windows Machine
  • Go to Bluetooth and make sure it’s Turned On.
  • Select DOSS Soundbox from the List of available devices.
  • Accept the Confirmation, Done


In this article, I’ve covered the manuals of DOSS Soundbox. The only problem that arises is when too many devices are paired and rest are basic and simple steps to follow to pair your speakers to any device you want. 

First you need to make sure you are in the pairing mode then you can pair any device with your Bluetooth Speaker. Hope this sounds good and if you’re facing any issues you can ask us in the comments. Recently we covered JBL Bookshelf Speaker review, in case you’re looking for some bookshelf speaker, it’s a must read for you.

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