How to Reset PowerBeats Pro [Updated 2022]

Powerbeats are considered industry standard headsets and they are known for their quality from which they stand out in the market. Powerbeats are powered by Apple H1 headphone chip which is a completely revolutionising product. In this article, we’ll talk about how to reset PoweBeats Pro

When too many devices are connected to your Powerbeats Pro, it becomes incredibly difficult to add or connect a new device with the headsets. To solve this issue we have written this guide to help you in the hour of need.

How to Reset Powerbeats Pro (Video)

Most people prefer to watch a video. If you are the one looking for a video guide, you can watch it below and the steps are listed just below the video guide.

How to Reset Powerbears Pro earbuds.

How to Reset Powerbeats Pro

Now, if you are in such a situation where you have to reset your Powerbeats headphones because there are too many devices connected to your headphones, in that case follow these steps:

  • Put your Headsets in Case and leave the Case Opened
  • Hold the Power Button on case for 15 Seconds
  • Wait until, LED light starts indicating red and white flashes

How to Connect PowerBeats Pro

To connect your PowerBeats Pro to your mobile phone or laptop, you just need to power on your PowerBeats Pro and after that you need to go to Settings on your device. There you will be able to see PowerBeats Pro, tap on it and follow the instructions to set it up.

Connected but No Sound

Sometimes, people face this situation where you will see that your bluetooth device is connected to your laptop but there is no sound coming to you through your headsets and why is that?

This is because of security protocols. Most OS are secured enough that they won’t start a protocol until it’s properly started. Sounds a Bit Confusing?

Here is the thing. As you Power On your headsets, sometimes it happens that your headphones will be connected immediately after opening the lid of your earbuds or turning on your headphones.

Now for most Operating Systems, it seems like Unsecured as anyone with your paired headsets can listen to the audio from your Computer so they don’t allow you to start an Audio Protocol.

To Fix this, you need to Turn Off Bluetooth and again Turn it on so that you can enjoy your Music and podcasts you are up to.


Resetting headphones or earbuds means to clear a pairing history and for over 90% of bluetooth headsets, the history can be cleared simply by pressing the Power Button for 7 seconds.

But when it comes to powerbeats pro, you have to press the Power Button for about 12 to 15 seconds until the light on the case starts flashing. It means that your pairing history is cleared and now you can pair new devices.

When you have paired too many devices, sometimes your headset is connected immediately to the closest bluetooth device which was paired before.

Sometimes, you want to connect your headphones to your mobile phone but as you turn them on, they immediately get connected to your laptop and vice versa.

To fix the bug, the solution is to clear the pairing history which gets the issue resolved immediately.

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