How To Pair MPOW Headphones (2022 Updated)

If you’re the one who has just buyed MPOW Headphones and are unsure about how to pair MPOW Headphones look no further because you are at the right place. The process of pairing any bluetooth headphone or earbuds is always a straightforward task but sometimes it’s not.

The process revolves around getting into pairing mode then going into bluetooth settings and after that selecting the respective device you want to be paired.

Let’s dive into it and get your Mpow Headsets paired with your devices.

How to Pair MPOW Headphones

As discussed earlier, the pairing of Mpow Headphones is a pretty straightforward task. We’re going to divide the process into 3 steps so it becomes clear and easy to follow guide for you, if you are caught in this situation.

  •  Put MPOW Headphones into Pairing Mode
  •  Go to Bluetooth settings of the your device
  • Select the Headphones.
  • Done.

Meanwhile, if the device you are using asks for permissions to pair the new device, allow it. Whether you are using MacOS, Android, iOS, Chromebook or any Linux distro the step is the same for all of the operating systems out there.

Step 1: How to Put MPOW Headphones into Pairing Mode

The first step is to turn on your MPOW Headphones and put them into pairing mode, now by default as you power on them, the headphones are in Pairing mode.

If they are already paired with any of your previous device and they instantly got paired every time you turn them on, so in this case, you have to press Power Button for 7 Seconds and you’ll hear sound of “Pairing” 

Now Go To Bluetooth Settings of your respective device and select the Bluetooth Headphones. You’ll see an option with the Headphones icon with the name of your respective headphones Model. In my case, it’s Mpow H10.

In your case, it can be an Mpow H10 or H17 based on the model you have buyed.

Step 2: Turn On Bluetooth 

After you have put your Mpow Headphones into pairing mode, it’s time to Pair it with your mobile device or desktop machine. Just go to Bluetooth Settings and turn on your device Bluetooth to connect it with your MPOW headphones.

The process of turning Bluetooth on is the same for all devices whether you are on a Windows Machine, iOS Device or an Android Phone.

Step 3: Pair your Headphones

Now, the final step, Pair your Headphones to your Device. When you are in Bluetooth settings, you’ll see your devices listed in Bluetooth settings, tap on it and an option will popup that will ask you to pair your device, accept it and in a bit of time your device will be paired with your Mpow Headphones.

What to Do If Headphones are Paired to some Other device

Well, in the same cases it happens that as you power on your headphones, it will automatically be paired with some device which was paired with it before. Now, If you are stuck in such a case, don’t panic. 

It happens as most operating systems are programmed in such a way as they find a pre paired device they will connect with it, if you don’t want to pair your MPOW headphones, press the power button for 7 seconds and they will be back to pairing mode and you can connect to some other device.

How to Pair New Device to MPOW Headphones

Pairing new devices with your MPOW Wireless headphones is also an easy task. Just press Power Button for 7 seconds and it’ll be ready to be paired with new devices.

Pre-Paired devices will be connected with the headphones as soon as you Power On, if you don’t wanna do it, you can Turn Off the Bluetooth of your device which you didn’t want to be paired and the headphones will go back in pairing mode.

Why MPOW Headphones are Not Connecting

If you have multiple devices already paired with your Mpow headphones, what happens is that MacOS and Debian based devices will connect it as soon as they find your Bluetooth device powered on.

If you didn’t want it to happen there are two options, either you can unpair the device or press the power button for 5 or 7 seconds and then pair a new device. This even happens with my Sony Headphones.


Sometimes such small bugs might appear in the technology world where you might get confused about what’s happening. Sometimes, the headphones are Paired with some device in your home and when you try to pair your mobile phone, it won’t because it’s already paired with your laptop or computer.

Instead of rushing towards them and powering them off, you can press the power button for 5 seconds and then connect your mobile phone with your Mpow Headphones. Hope you’ll find this article helpful.

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